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About Us



The Episcopal Foundation of Dallas (the "Foundation") was established by the Diocesan Convention of 1950, at the request of Bishop C. Avery Mason, with a vision to bring together "the best business brains in the diocese" to invest and administer the trusts and endowments of the Diocese and its parishes, schools, and missions.

The Foundation is organized as a Texas non-profit corporation and is qualified as a Section 501(c)(3) exempt organization. It is professionally managed and  governed by its own fourteen member Board of Trustees, comprised of men and women active in the church and prominent in their respective fields, all of whom are committed to good stewardship, prudent investment and faithful disbursement of the funds entrusted to the Foundation. The Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas serves as an ex officio member of the Board.

The Foundation is a separate, independent entity, organized and operating outside of the jurisdiction of the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas, The Episcopal Church and the Diocesan and General Conventions of the Church.


The mission of the Episcopal Foundation of Dallas is to expand the Kingdom of God through disciplined investing for transformative ministries. 


Investment Management

Since its establishment in 1950, the Episcopal Foundation of Dallas has fulfilled its mission by carefully managing and investing Diocesan assets.  Today, the Foundation manages a combined portfolio of approximately $39 million for the benefit of about twenty organizations (see Clients), including the Diocese.  The Foundation's goal is to preserve and enhance financial assets through disciplined and consistent investment philosophy.  A diversified portfolio, both as to fixed income and equity holdings, provides assurance that the portfolio will maximize growth while maintaining stability with minimization of risk.  (See Investments )

Annual Grant Program

The Episcopal Foundation of Dallas also offers direct financial support to Episcopal organizations in the form of grants. The Foundation makes grants to churches, missions, and nonprofit organizations located within the geographic boundaries of the Diocese of Dallas for programs which support the mission statement of the Foundation. These grants are funded from the Episcopal Fund, the Foundation's own unrestricted endowment. Since its establishment in 1964, the Episcopal Fund has grown from $1.5 to over $4 million, and awarded over $2 million in grants to the Episcopal community. The Foundation begins accepting applications for its annual grant program in January. Everything you need to know about how to apply is available on this website, including the application. (See Grants).  

Endowment Resource

If your parish or school is interested in establishing a new endowment fund or building an existing one, the Episcopal Foundation of Dallas can help.  With our long history of prudent investment management and Diocesan support, we are uniquely qualified to partner with you in building your investment for the future. 

With a mission to serve and a wealth of expertise and experience to share, we hope you will remember the Foundation when your organization needs financial advice or resources.  See Contact for more information.